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Meister Seelig & Fein LLP is a commercial law firm composed of over 65 attorneys with offices in New York, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey, and affiliate offices in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Australia.
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Miki strikes back: Naftali says Sigoura, Popkin stole developer’s trade secrets
The Real Deal, Jul 13, 2016

MSF Intellectual Property Group Presents “Intellectual Property Basic Training: Developing Digital Products” in collaboration with Girl Develop It
MSF Workshop, Jun 09, 2016

CWCapital presses to dismiss Bill Ackman’s “offensive” Stuy Town lawsuit
The Real Deal, May 06, 2016

Law Updates
The Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements and Class Action Waivers
By Naomi Dabi Lantsberg and Jeffrey A. Kimmel, Dec 22, 2015
Online Auction Patent Invalid Under Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank
By Antonio Papageorgiou, Apr 10, 2015
Amex Patent Held Indefinite Under Nautilus Ruling
By Antonio Papageorgiou, Apr 09, 2015
That’s Outrageous! A Study of (Allegedly) Scandalous and Immoral Trademarks
By Rachel Weiss Jurist

EEOC Lawsuit Challenges Wellness Program for the First Time
By Naomi Dabi Lantsberg and Jeffrey A. Kimmel

What Employers Should Know About the EEOC's New Enforcement Guidance Regarding the Pregnancy Discrimination Act
By Racquel Crespi Weintraub and Jeffrey A. Kimmel

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