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MSF's Howard Davis delivered a webinar on "The Risk of Hiring Private" for Caring People. Click the link below to watch the webinar.


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In consolidated appeals taken by the New York Court of Appeals on certification from the 2d Circuit Court of Appeals, on July 1, 2014, New York's highest court ruled that the bankruptcy estates of defunct firms have no continuing property interest in "unfinished business" that their departing partners take with them to new firms. The decision, arising out of the Thelen LLP and Coudert Brothers LLP bankruptcies, put to rest the Trustees' multi-million dollar claims against those firms' former partners, and the former Coudert and Thelen partners' new firms, and settled previously unsettled New York law on the issue in favor of the former partners and their new firms. The District Courts in Thelen and Coudert had previously reached opposite conclusions on the issue, as have various courts around the country when faced with the same question. The decision is available online at

Together with James Ulwick and Jean Lewis from Baltimore-based Kramon & Graham, MSF partner Jeffrey Schreiber, and associate Howard S. Davis, represented DLA Piper in the Coudert matter.

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A federal judge on Thursday ruled that Facebook messages exchanged between nonparty exotic dancers and a member of a putative class of dancers suing the Penthouse Executive Club in New York for employment violations are not protected communications and must be produced for the suit.

U.S. District Judge Kimba M. Wood in New York held that the Facebook messages traded between a member of the proposed class and other nonparty dancers talking about joining the suit, are not protected by attorneyclient privilege.


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