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A Different Kind Of Wealth Gap
Forbes, June 25, 2014
"Today, advanced planning must also encompass asset protection strategies. Most ultra-high-net worth individuals and families understand that their wealth makes them a target and many have personal experience in this area. This is driving greater demand for strategies that mitigate or eliminate potential liabilities and damages while weighing the possible financial, emotional and reputational costs of litigation," said Mitchell Schuster, a Partner at Meister Seelig & Fein LLP.


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Have a farm? Elaine Rogers, co-chair of the media and entertainment group at the law firm Meister Seelig and Fein who often travels between New York, Los Angeles and Boston, entertains clients and conducts meetings at her farm 45 minutes north of Boston. “I have horses and hold meetings in my barn," she says. "People instantly feel more relaxed there, and we accomplish much more."


Attorneys Mentioned: Elaine M. Rogers

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